We are a Colorado based, full service, timing company. We time and promote events from local fundraiser fun runs to the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics. No event is too small or too big for us to manage. Chip timing, FinishLynx and everything in between, we’ve got you covered. Most important, we’ve been around since 2001 – so we have the miles to make your event run smoothly!


We started CJ Sports Timing with 2 intents: To be the best at what we do and to make sure our clients are having fun! We take the stress out of your events because we believe that the teamwork we create between our clients needs to be authentic.

Two is one but one is none

With that philosophy in mind, we come prepared. Our technologies include:

  • Race Result Active Transponder System
  • Ipico Active and Passive Transponder System
  • FinishLynx Cameras
  • ALGE and Tag Heuer precision clocks
  • Running clocks to show Time of Day, Race Time, or Individual Race Time
  • Audible clocks for Time Trial events including ski racing, enduro and Downhill racing
  • Online registration and data administration

We also use cloud based solutions to ensure that data is available at the finish line!

Do we use all of this all the time? No, but we will bring any number of these systems to make sure that your results are available within seconds!

Waiting for results is NOT an acceptable option.


Get in touch with us. We’d love to hear about your event and show you how we can simplify your life.

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