FAQs for Faster, Easier Results

FAQs that you want to know and that you should be asking all of your timing contractors. Why? Because you want results for your event without issues.

FAQ #1. What backup system(s) do you use?

Why a backup? Because life happens. Children unplug power. Rain floods generators. Snow-cats sever communication/data lines. Even something as simple as someone with a clipboard writing down numbers can save you days of recreating results.

We typically use two timing systems and one manual one to make sure you are covered.

FAQ #2. What is the difference between active timing chips and passive (disposable) ones?

Active chips are much more accurate. These should be utilized for high speed events and events that require high precision. Their accuracy is typically accepted to the 1/100th (.01) of a second. Anything beyond that is not accurate and shouldn’t be used for results.

Examples are:

  • Road Cycling Time Trials
  • Hill Climbs
  • Downhill Mountain Bike Races
  • Mountain Bike Enduro Races

Passive transponders are typically used for mass start events. Their accuracy can be as high as 1/10th of a second (.10) but are usually rounded to the nearest whole second Examples include:

  • Running races
  • Cross Country mountain bike races
  • Cross country ski races.